Generations Y and “Yéyé”…

Throughout my journey, I was told that older generations would leave, and that it was enough to wait until they retire. We should always be careful with certain beliefs. Among the most enthusiasts for the change, some of them were just a year prior to retirement.

Older generations will be instrumental to your success. They know very well the limitations imposed by current working methods, and they are eager to be useful before they go. Hence they are less afraid to take risks.

In order to be successful, you need to seek help from the people who have the strongest will to do something useful for their organization. They are not necessarily newcomers, since they receive quite a pressure to deliver in relation to their job description. They are not necessarily all your managers, either.

In order to identify your champions, make a call for interest, and maintain this call open during the whole journey. Don’t stick with the same champions. Like in every other community, online or offline, you need to inject new bloods on a regular basis.

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