Everyone is a media outlet

The pace of change is accelerating. People develop new behaviours and use cases every day for the most recent technologies available, starting with:

  • Everyone can become a medium

Anyone can share any feedback or experience, post videos or pictures, directly without intermediates. Organizations will need to find innovative ways to increase the number of times people talk about them positively.

  • Everyone requests relationships

Consumers need to adhere to brand values. This is because they will adhere to values, that they will create a lasting relationship with the brands. Thanks to new technologies available, organizations will finally be able to turn staff, which is their first audience, into ambassadors. Those ambassadors will play an instrumental role in communicating brand values more widely.

  • Shared experience

Since everyone is a media outlet, organizations will need to develop stories and experience to share. Proposals must have a high added-value. A vision and a strategic narrative about the “why” need to be co-written with staff and top-fans. Organizations will learn how to generate buzz from shared experience, and stand out in a saturated information environment (ex: Ice Bucket Challenge).

  • Co-creation

Organizations no longer have control over the messages. From a passive audience, they will develop active promoters and top-fans. Don’t forget that they can be “game-changers”. Audiences will have an important role to play to improve services, especially when products will only cost one euro. Organizations will have to learn how to make effective crowd-sourcing.

  • Consistency

People request coherence online and offline. They are used to move from one application to another. Regardless of the generation, what people want is a consistent and unique experience. Organizations will have to develop a good omni-channel strategy (vs multi-channel).

  • And local stories

Messages need to be translated into local stories. Witness the success of digital radio stations, for example. Strategic partners and stakeholders will be instrumental in making messages more local.

Everyone is a media is definitely a good reason to initiate the digital transformation of your organization. Still many questions for sure, but how many opportunities?

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