The right mindset

It is not enough to learn how to use new technologies, we need to understand the revolutionary impact they can have on our lives. I am convinced that this world promises great opportunities and that we are going through particularly exciting times. The question actually is whether we want to participate or not.

At first, social media and other collaborative tools are of little interest. We pour laughter and tears in a public space, which is limited since all fellows are not there, or upload documents to make them available to more colleagues. Nothing exciting though. From personal diaries to privacy put in the public square, from a shared drive to a web drive.

To create a lasting and interesting relationship, the user must further explore the tool and test its different uses. It must start with a need that one needs to be aware of.

As disruptors, we need to build use cases to inspire individuals and to make sense of these new working practices. This is an essential prerequisite to stimulate their desire to explore. Hence, we need to lead to “change of mindset”, because all efforts will be in vain, if we do not all behave as entrepreneurs.

The right mindset:

1. The individual as entrepreneur
2. From “knowledge is power”, to “sharing knowledge is power”
3. From an individualistic behaviour to a taste for collective performance
4. …as well as for collective intelligence
5. The good reflex to work out loud

If each of us were to adopt the above principles, there is a good chance that our organizations will carry out their transformation quickly.

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