Forget about the machine

If you want to find the main difference between those who have adopted digital technologies and those who have not, think about the positioning of the machine for them.

For the latter, the machine maintained a disconcerting presence. While for others, the machine is invisible. Only when frustrations arise will they perceive again its strong contribution.

Most of those who have embraced digital technologies make human-to-human communication. They erased the machine of the equation. The machine does not add distance but makes humans closer to each other, closer than ever before.

The more I think about it, the more I get convinced by human-to-human communication. This is impacting the way we communicate for ever and for the better.

As I’m trying to make sense of digital transformation, I see the need to define the main characteristics of this concept.

  • The machine makes us better connected. We can find people who share a common interest and similar values, then develop a sincere relationship with them. Even if we live in one of the smallest cities, we can enjoy a network in all regions of the world.
  • Influencers are not what we think they are. They can come out of anywhere. Following topics and hot conversations become inevitable. We have to be open, listen to new people all the time and leave our comfort zone.
  • We can join conversations and increase your chances of developing big ideas that can make this world better. Never heard of serendipity?
  • We can ask for help and help others more. Discover benefits of collective intelligence and crowd-sourcing. From Generation Y, we learn that we can reduce our barriers to participation. We will not take risks by showing empathy in the public sphere. This is a value that will make us strong, not the opposite.
  • We are the best ambassadors of the brands we love. How organizations can best use their following communities? Increasing the number of “likes” is not enough, they need to transform their public into active promoters. Human-to-human communication from the point of view of business is about building relationships and improving engagement. It is about going local, developing personalized communications and promoting a unique experience as well as sharable. Beautiful interfaces are a must.
  • We are more and more to use mobile devices, and it’s changing the way we not only communicate, but live. As humans, we expect more of these quick stories, contextualized, happening in semi-private spaces.

Forget about this machine which makes it possible to hold true human-to-human conversations. Our today’s paradox 😉

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