Recipe for a successful digital transformation

Time for a good meal! To promote digital transformation, a good recipe would have the following ingredients:

  • Personalized coaching to middle-managers. The company’s resistance to change is in the middle, where the loss of ego and protective reflexes may be a problem.
  • Strong narratives that make sense. A recurring speech is that new technologies can make your days more efficient. Question: Is everyone affected by the discourse on efficiency? For instance, some are afraid of becoming even more stressed with new technologies. They would need to understand the benefits to improve their living conditions. If communicators do not want to leave anyone by the wayside, they need to develop different stories. And they will have to adapt them to their various internal populations.
  • Regular data for the ingredients above. We must segment our internal audience. This will help us develop the appropriate approach to those sub-populations which are not alike and who find themselves around the same needs. Today, we can collect more and more data on them through the use of collaborative and social platforms. Not only through analytics but also in a qualitative way by listening more.
  • A “single purpose” approach and clarity. Cannibalization of use is definitely harmful. If you decide to keep many working tools, users need to understand well the purpose of each one, in relation to the other. Each tool needs to bring a clear added value. Hence, they should be brought in, in a clear way for a smooth user experience.
  • Staff as ambassadors. Definitely, this is what organisations need to look for, but the best approach is the voluntary one. Otherwise, the resistance can be high, and return on investment can be low. Once identified, these “ambassadors” need to meet on a regular basis and develop as a community of practice.
  • Development of e-skills. (I will write a post on this soon).
  • Empowerment and strong management support. Vision and values will have to be communicated, trust ensured and entrepreneurial spirit promoted.

I am sure you will enjoy this meal, a lot!

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