And e-skills

The aim for any organization that wants to fit into the world around is to achieve its digital transformation. To best prepare, and involve staff members (all staff!), there is a need for a programme about digital competence. Here is my eight e-skills programme, as promised in “recipe for a digital transformation“.

  • Information Security: how to be safe on Internet? How to protect your accounts, how to choose your passwords and when to change them? Everything you need to know about the cloud and the Patriot Act. You need to start a discussion about the real risks in your organization as resistance can also mean lack of knowledge.
  • Protection of Personal Data: how to protect your privacy? According to the European regulations, what can you unveil and what is essential to hide? Again, it is essential to learn some basic rules to evolve in confidence. There are also tools to avoid, because of their lack of respect for your privacy.
  • Quality Management: how to filter and check the reliability of sources? How to identify experts and thus move towards more quality, in this world saturated with information?
  • Content Marketing: how to bring forth conversation? How to attract contributions? How to gain visibility on the web? How to develop a message that comes out?
  • Community management: how to develop a community of followers? How to transform passive listeners into active promoters of services? What are good strategies for managing communities online?
  • Listening skills: how to improve listening skills? What are key data for analysis? What are those usages that can be inspiring? How to keep an eye on trends?
  • Mindset Development: how well do you understand the logic Web 2.0? Do you master the famous e-values?
  • Strategic Planning: What tools for what purposes and what audience? Do you know how to map technologies and practices?

To get the ball running, you need to cover these necessary aspects with different types of projects. You need to inspire everyone and thus better prepare the follow-up. Next steps will have to take place at the local level, especially if you are in an organization decentralized. Most of them are…

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