A sense of emergency

People have long invested in and developed expertise in working practices which led to successes. Why would they need to change?

Over the past years, many organizations implemented new working tools and expected new routines. There was this sudden emergency to change, and there was no longer enough time to explain why. You cannot expect that the entire workforce will adopt new behaviours, because the tools are there. You will have to open an internal discussion about resistance and develop a campaign around the bad reflexes.

No one can ignore our changing environment any longer, this is the world where we all live and not just a trend. Organizations need to make clear that digital is important for everyone:

  • Digital media will surpass “linear” TV as main media channel in Europe. Developing digital skills should be as important as the fight against illiteracy.
  • Building customer loyalty has become a big challenge. Employees have a key role to play. They will become true ambassadors of their company’s culture. But, managers find it hard to empower people and to let go off command and control.
  • It is no longer a question of shouting louder on the web. People must learn how to develop more conversations, and how to use the power of networks and communities. But it still seems so difficult to stop pushing for more engagement.
  • Finally, fast adopters of technologies and new usages influence the routines of our future. There is a strong need to listen more to their ideas, with a view to stimulate innovation which is driving the modern entreprise.

And so, despite a sense of emergency to change, there is also a strong need to pause and discuss to make sure the move will make sense to all.

“Adapt or perish, now as ever, is nature’s inexorable imperative”, H.G. Wells.

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