Winds of the old days

In the old days, internal communication services generated information, with little input from staff. Employees were rarely, if ever, motivated to contribute to more than their jobs.

In the old days, turnover was rare and thus, little knowledge management discipline needed. Some were deleting their email right after a long vacation. Some others were destroying all copies of their deliverables before they retire. And at that time, we could see the same mistakes again and again.

In the old days, it was expensive to test performance. Thus the good worker was one who was coming in early and staying late in office. We could see strange behaviors for this reason. Some employees were hiding themselves behind screens in their small offices. Whereas some others were running through corridors or meetings all their days to remain visible.

The winds of the old days blew away parts of our knowledge and engagement, but we will still find good things to say about our good old ways. And they are plenty of course!

We may also start to improve a terrible situation – only 13% of employees worldwide are engaged (Gallup, 2013). Digital makes it possible to foster improvements by providing each individual – not just some – an unlimited influence. And many things too expensive for any business are finally processed at low cost. Such as surveys, evaluation, knowledge management and idea generation.

Today, we hear talks about staff engagement, staff as ambassadors, right to fail, and transforming cultures, and it feels good.

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