Positive in every circumstance

It may seem obvious but to lead change, a positive attitude is an absolute must. It is essential to believe in what you need to achieve and never let show any doubts. Others will test change agents all the time which I think is fair.

  • Always show confidence and desire to do more, with a growth mind-set. Always be available to others.
  • Listen more than you talk and learn how to question behaviours and routines in an efficient but gentle way, inspired from coaching techniques.
  • Surround yourself with those who also believe that things can change. Grow an internal network of positive change agents. Don’t do everything alone.
  • Use positive language, and avoid phrases such as “if you do not change, you will not survive.” Be specific about the kind of change you want to see, use visualisation techniques.
  • Put great energy and efforts into accompanying small changes, they will have as much impact as large ones.
  • Bypass people who do not seek to understand and who want to block at all costs.
  • Be a facilitator of change. Do not be in control, and start to learn a lot from others.

Accompanying a profound change is rewarding for oneself – if one applies to respect some basic rules above to get to the vision. I wish you a fruitful journey!

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