Public and global by default

A government has a lot to gain by being public by default. With intelligent use and good design of digital technologies available, it is finally possible. Any government can open the door to any contribution, in an efficient way for minimal costs.

The general public can change Europe. Or at least citizens can follow closely what is happening and get that essential sense of transparency. Experts can also contribute more and better. Digital technologies will simplify historical, rigid processes and will allow them to join conversations at every step from all parts of the globe. More and more, with the increasing use of digital technologies, things will be made easier. Initiatives with amazing impact are already observed in the domain of education and culture, health and digital Europe for instance.

Before the world was private by default. You had to add people to your communication. Now the world is public by default. This is the other way around, you need to remove people from your communication. This shift provides a great opportunity to connect citizens back to the institutions in a significant manner.

To contribute to a better Europe, you only need a computer with the right connection. There is no limit. What power and what influence we can have. This has never been more possible and more true.

The European Commission has recently tested EU open policy-making. This is a great new game which gives you the possibility to design future european policies. “Public by default” should continue to bring amazing opportunities. Are you ready to grab them?

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