Fighting Digital Distraction

Staying focused on a single task is difficult these days. I usually have such a strong ability to focus on work. You could come to my office wearing a green wig I would not see it. My former colleagues used to make loads of different jokes about it. Still, it happens to me to suffer from digital distraction. I cannot imagine how others – with less capacity for focusing – cope with it.

I am more and more convinced that multitasking kills creativity. And so I think it is necessary to find ways to stop the digital distraction. Here are a few tips, which I hope will be useful to you:

  • I don’t use anymore pop-up messages for incoming emails
  • I never have more than 3 internet tabs open at the same time
  • Unless I really need to be connected to my e-mails, I check my e-mails only twice in the morning, twice again in the afternoon and once in the evening.
  • The first thing I do when I connect to work is to check out my emails and social media accounts or other collaborative platforms. Then, I will connect to my social media accounts again in the morning only if I have a little time to spare. For example on my way to a meeting with my mobile phone, in a waiting room, etc. It is not a distraction, it is a way to keep me busy while I’m waiting for something else.
  • I also use Hootsuite, which allows me to manage my accounts in a powerful way.

To me, new technologies bring a lot of great benefits to keep in touch and work in a more efficient way. But they can also be big time wasters. This is why I believe we need to show a little discipline in the way we use them. They will only be good if used in a proper way. What are your tactics to avoid digital distraction?

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