Thinking outside the box

We reach our creativity’s peak at the age of five. What is wrong with our ability to be creative afterwards? Do we become essentially passive minds, accustomed to working in one way? Do we still have the ability to see things in a different light?

In the era of social business, our leaders want ideation and more conversations. All this requires from colleagues to become more entrepreneurs and able to think outside the box.

The good news is that we can learn again how to boost our creative spirits and see the world with the eyes of a five-year-old child. As community manager of an internal social platform, I had to find ways to stimulate the collective mind in such a direction. I would not want people to just sit behind their computers and say “there is nothing for me here”. Here are some of the things you could do, if you had to lead a similar initiative:

  • Some have a natural tendency to be unconventional. They will always look for ways to invent new uses. Give them that power.
  • Some will be happy if they get from your platform an ability to gather around them. Support them. 
  • As the attention span can be short, always think about ways to diversify activities in the platform. 
  • Make your activity feed look like a symphony – break the rhythm.
  • As a basic rule, when rules are clear, people are more keen to contribute. So, remind these rules on a regular basis.
  • In any circumstance, play collective.

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