Why my book on community management

Today, the multiplication of social and collaborative technologies in the workplace leads many employees to optimize their internal and external networks and become community managers, regardless of their primary responsibilities.

The aim of this practical manual is to offer a broader vision of community management skills that social media have emerged in just 10 years. It aims to help implement effective management of communities of people, regardless of the tools used.

Community management will:

  • improve the responsiveness of organizations through more listening to internal and external partners,
  • seek synergies and complementarity beyond the traditional hierarchies and boundaries of the organization,
  • offer communities the opportunity to play a key role in spreading the positive word of mouth and generate innovation.

The implementation of communities, large or small, formal or informal, and their new working methods become a strategic issue in every sector.
This manual published in French by Politeia editions and available here, is aimed at:

  • People who wish to develop their professional practice towards greater openness and participation,
  • People who have the role of managing collaborative projects among groups of internal or external partners (colleagues, customers, etc.).

It will also be useful for communications professionals and for anyone seeking to better seize the opportunities of the web and the sharing economy.

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