Essentials: What Makes a Great Leader of the Future

Sometimes a quick post is better than a long analysis.
Let’s look today at the positive traits of our leaders of the future. These are my essentials.
  • Become familiar with the specific skills of her employees while recognizing the diversity of her team mind-sets. Do not just follow her favorite state of mind.
  • Show respect for the experience, the story and even the difficult situations experienced by a colleague.
  • Prove her confidence, is mindful of her emotions, feelings, sensations.
  • Divide responsibilities and encourage initiatives.
  • Take initiatives only when needed.
  • Stay focused and follow the strategy.
  • Recall the goals of the organization on a regular basis and emphasize strategic alignment.
  • Know when to step back and reflect.  Do not hold the space.
  • Encourage hard work.
  • Know when to change strategies, and encourage innovation.
  • Check, double-check, triple-check that instructions are clear.
  • Appear vulnerable (i.e. an ability to take risks, to recognize failure, show courage and be shame resilient).
  • Master cross-collaboration. Promote her team’s value. Encourage her team players to join projects beyond traditional boundaries.
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