Towards a Collaborative Humanity

The COVID-19 crisis has been like a Big Bang and created the perfect storm, exposing the structural weaknesses in our society. To find our way out of a perpetual state of crises, it is time to pave the way for a more ambitious collaborative humanity and I see Europe as one of the protagonists!

As a society, we need to develop a sense of togetherness to address the major challenges. There seem to be so many mountains to climb at once, such as improving education, health, planetary emergency, consumption, diplomacy, mobility and so much more. In fact, all the transformations we identified as necessary in the previous sessions of Together-Ensemble.

Yet, we need to be aware that facing too many battles, we might exhaust ourselves, create disorganisation and chaos, develop a monster blaming as well as protective mindset. In fact,  history tells us that in challenging times we may well turn self-destructive. On top of that, it is clear that there is no recipe to mandate focused energy & action, imposing on society the changes we would not impose first to the top.

Therefore, we have to be more inspired by the energy for change that lies in the periphery. Collaboration always starts with one individual willing to take action. And many seem to want action out there, so let’s hear from them much more and explore together the conditions the EU institutions could set up to create resilient movements in a significant manner. In this hyperconnected world, the options are infinite. Let’s unleash power, not in the form of a war, whether intergenerational, geopolitical, ideological, or else, but positive collective action, that would leave no one behind.

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Some concrete steps to shift towards a more collaborative humanity:

  • Campaign to stimulate the sense of togetherness, through a MWE mindset combination of me+we, instead of the too easy I+them
  • Creation of a caring culture, which we would role model in our institutions
  • Audit on the real value the EU institutions can bring
  • Development of critical skills for everyone willing to become change leaders (creating more co-leaders, as we could see in a previous post)
  • Definition of a vision which would set the frame for action
  • More agility in the EU budget
  • Experiential learning in the domain of collaboration
  • Holistic policy-making, bringing energy
  • Iterative learning
  • Participatory and innovative democracy
  • Powerful collaboration initiatives between the thinkers and the doers
  • Digital informal diplomacy

What else? You can listen to this amazing conversation with Mary, Musawar or Anna, and hear their calls to the EU institutions on how they could set up the conditions, which are needed by those eager to take action.

You know, I humbly believe we can become an exceptional civilisation, which will positively mark history and offer an amazing gift to the next generations. This is the path I will follow from now on. I hope you will join me in this new adventure. And if you want to take action, please share my content around to start convincing others around you that this is the way to go! I will share further about the “how-to” in the coming days and weeks. My biggest fear to be honest is that we will not start anything because we will remain in denial. So let’s wake up the world!

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