The key to a benevolent framework for actions

Obhi and I have just ended our discussion with Prof. Paul Gilbert, bestselling author, in view of our session on Compassion & Care on 2 December in the European Commission. This conversation has inspired me so much, I thought I would share with you the main insights in a quick blog post.

Today our social context does not allow us to offer the best we can. On the contrary, we are in a context in which our humanity continues every single day to destroy more than it creates. From our conversation, we envisaged that the key to changing this social context could be through:

  • Training our brains to be compassionate. Paul Gilbert defines compassion as: “a basic kindness, with a deep awareness of the suffering of oneself and of other living things, coupled with the wish and effort to relieve it” (Gilbert, 2009, p. Xiii).
  • Looking for wisdom and courage in our leaders (as well as empathy and questioning skills). If you see protection, fears, paranoia, authoritarianism, blaming and competitive attititudes… It is exactly the oppositive of what an exceptional civilisation needs.
  • Using blockchains to increase trust, by certifying evidence-based science for instance.
  • Harnessing and coordinating the good actions in the world, by creating a global movement which would make good actions more visible.
  • Teaching compassion in schools (to create the motivation for positive actions from an early age).
  • Converting business to compassionate economics, which we need to define urgently (what it would mean to choose positive growth).
  • Making our leaders agree on a charter, to complement the declaration of human rights, that will gather the behaviours we have to encourage for an exceptional civilisation.
  • Having businesses & entrepreneurs from all over the world agree on a clear moral code, which would set the new rules of the game for a moral business (similar to sports approach to competition).
  • Creating an international award to recognize the positive contributions and to push for always more compassion in the world.
  • Gathering the wealthiest in the world around the benevolent framework for actions. They have the resources to make a difference, we have to offer them recognition for the good they will bring to this planet.

I am aware that some initiatives are already moving, in the right direction. The main message I want to pass with this blog post is that we have to coordinate them, to ensure better visibility and increase impact. At my level, I will contribute.

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3 thoughts on “The key to a benevolent framework for actions

  1. David Gurteen says:

    Thanks for this post, Julie. I have come to the conclusion this last 12 months that caring is at the root of creating a better world – caring for each other and caring for our planet. If we care, we take responsibility, and action cannot help but flow from that.

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  2. gueg1 says:

    Absolutely David, this has also been my conclusion. A caring culture is a must. I will elaborate more on this on this blog. As you know we have started our series “towards a caring culture” back in September 2021, and I intend to share the reflections that led to this project.

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