The roadmap to the Dream

When back in 2015, I started to look for the conditions to make my European dream happen; I realised that this would not be an easy journey. An example: Is it not true that many citizens feel distant from the decisions made in Brussels? That they do not seem to matter to the “technocrats”? Or, that many feel at the mercy of a destiny, they think they have not chosen? Brexit is a proof.

The research I am about to share in the coming days aims to prepare a better future for the new generation. You will not find on this blog a utopia, neither a Band-Aid, but a roadmap to commit to.

As I had this amazing chance of working for Europe over the past 16 years, I am convinced that there lies the potential for DEEP CHANGE. We are in the right place to co-design a future, which will be collective, respectful and hopeful, and to turn each other into an exceptional civilisation. In fact, if we have not totally succeeded by law in making Europe, then we must do it by culture.

It’s time to adopt renewed energy, a compassionate mindset, and many behaviours, to shift from mass individualisation to powerful global collaboration (which is the only way to get out of this COVID crisis, for instance!).

The “roadmap to the Dream” follows a narrative, about the illusions, the COVID big bang, and then the collective reunion with the undercover dream. You will see emerge in front of your eyes our common truths, following years of research on the conditions.

I am now super excited to share all these learnings with my dear community and start the amazing conversations we need to pursue this journey. And to prepare you for this, you will get access to learnings, coming from tons and tons of books, change leaders, experts from around the globe in various areas of research, interviews from our political leaders. I hope you will enjoy!

Please note that these are not recipes for an easy journey, though. All of this, the undercover dream included, will require that we all want to heal, stop being asleep or find exits from our world of illusions. We have to come together to address the big transitions, which are urgently needed. And this requires from each one of us AGENCY and COMMITMENT. Yet, I am sure we will know how to make this all FUN.

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