Towards shared authorship of the future

Preparing the Dream (3/5)

Through this crisis, we have realised that we all need to support each other. One country cannot succeed if, at its border, another one is not taking measures.

Embracing our togetherness is the only way out. In fact, it is when we organise ourselves in a constructive fashion, through resilient communities and making the most of our imagination that we have always saved ourselves.

Did you know that 99% of all species disappeared since the creation of the Earth (hopefully, not only because of our human activity!)?  Yet, we humans are still here and standing up! History says that caring for each other and our tribalism are what have helped us to survive, including during the ice age, when only 700 humans were left worldwide.

Is the situation, we are in, being critical?

If this is not the case, what is a critical situation, then?! Entire species disappear around us, human beings become even more vulnerable or die as we speak for the hope of a better future, so my guess is “yes it is!” It requires our full action and honesty to recognise how much we have failed. Especially, if we saw in our role, one of kings of the world.

Do you remember the fallacy of centrality? Well, we need to avoid this at all costs. If many houses are burning around us, there is a possibility that ours will burn too. In the current context, given the approaches adopted, this possibility becomes more and more likely.

The fact that we do not like reality does not mean it is not there. And today, things do not improve. Actually, things are getting so worse, that this requires action from everywhere. What we need is all of us to stand up for the good.

While preparing for the Dream, I thought it would be worthwhile to remember how to make the shift towards a wider sense of co-responsibility for the future.

Towards shared authorship of the future

So, the work on the dream will mark the beginning of a much-needed journey, for which we will all experience the joy of contributing. It is opening up to new areas of reality and possibilities by reconsidering the notion of ownership and moving towards shared authorship of the future.

There are millions of examples, all over the world, of men and women who one day decided to live their potential to the full, without harming others or the planet. The intention is to make this knowledge available to all.

We will see later that the first thing we need, is good collective grief. We have been a pretty selfish civilisation so far. The good thing is that many of us understood by now it was not making us happy, yet surely more miserable.

Conditions for a shared authorship

What we know from research on how to encourage people from anywhere to contribute:

  • The feeling that they have a voice, and that they will win something by expressing their care.
  • An environment of warmth, trustworthiness and morality. This is absolutely essential as people cannot feel relaxed and frightened, or angry and loving, at the same time – one feeling negates another.
  • A psychologically safe climate that allows the brain to maximise its neural processing power for clarity of thought and creative expression.
  • Clear and challenging goals to stretch people and moving them away of their comfort zone.
  • A culture of fairness, respect (appreciation of diversity) and trust.
  • Clear boundaries and the structures that enforce them.
  • A learning environment, which fosters a spirit of growth.
  • Regular safety signals. Otherwise leadership by delegation is comparable to a delegation of risks, and it can have reverse consequences on the people and the system (a good reminder from my dear friend Leandro Herrerro).
  • As part of the strategy, beauty is the necessary conduit to build hope.

So many adventures given up today
So many songs we forgot to play
So many dreams swinging out of the blue
Oh let it come true
(Bob Dylan)

To be continued… In the meantime, challenge me on Twitter to practice shared authorship of the future.

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