Just a little gift for the weekend

As I have been asked to slow down a bit to allow my dear readers to follow my research in full, here is a very short blog post for the weekend. I love you. Thanks for being in my life.

7 essential life lessons and A BONUS from my experience and research

1- Learn to love even agony by confronting every fear.

2- Let go more. This can be particularly hard, if you are a parent and/or diligent professional, but that is key.

3- Laugh, move, breathe deeply, focus. Your body heals your mind.

4- Take advantage of all the connection possibilities in this global world. Do not fall into despair, nor victimhood. Just love and care always more.

5- Give. It’s far more important for your balance than receiving. Hence, you will be rewarded in the most unexpected ways.

6- Grab every opportunity to learn to become a better human being. Ambition is not vertical, enjoy the growth journey.

7- Stay committed to progress. When anxious, ask yourself “what will be my next decision?” and focus on this one only (we take 1000 of them every single day), then be grateful to yourself for it.


Be careful not to put yourself under too much pressure. You want a combination of good actions AND less positive ones, to reach a neutral relaxed state by the end of the day (not too excited nor too guilty). Always seek internal validation, never external. And especially important: develop your critical thinking skills through cognitive diversity. Beware of groupthink 🙂

Photo by Sebastian Palomino on Pexels.com

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