Suns exist

And you are one of them!

Yet, too many of us continue to wait for solutions to our problems from our leaders. For me, it is a bit like if on a stormy day, most of us continued to bask in the sun. I can tell you, it can be a dangerous activity!

Not only, the storm may badly hit us. But, as the crises around us unfold, it becomes pretty clear that many of our leaders are either totally missing the mark, or downright selfish, predatory, ruthless or evil.

In fact, a chinese quote reminds us that fishes rot from the head down. Or, an analogy between the hierarchy and the library, tells us that the most useless books are placed high up. So yes, we take a lot of risks when leaving the keys to our destiny to a thousand people at most.

And even, if there are always some who do good. Yet, how much pressure are we putting on their shoulders, by leaving them alone, knowing the magnitude of their tasks?

No, we can do better than basking in the sun today. Especially, as the sun is becoming rarer.

Today, I would like to invite you to think about how each of us uses our potential and our power to act in the face of the mega challenges. Because more than ever, we need to do together, and especially to think differently. We are definitely co-leaders.

In fact, many of us are responsible adults and could behave differently. According to Kegan, this may well represent 35% of the adult population.

So, if you consider that there are approximately 5 billion mature adults in the world, that means 1,75 billion people are potentially co-leaders!

We will see in the coming days what this will require of us. Then, how to achieve it without violence. But with all the characteristics of an exceptional civilisation, which presses STOP to our automatic mode.

We are much more than sunflowers. In fact, we could well all become suns ourselves.

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