Making this Dream come true (1/5)

Whatever our opinion on the issue of mega challenges, the way we live today is not respectful. Never has the path been clearer, whatever we do and whatever we think about it, we must respect the planet and end the reckless, irresponsible and selfish use of resources.

In order to get to this place, we know that the challenges ahead are enormous. Our priority so far, has been to find back the Dream. Especially, because its absence is at the origin of our mentality of over-consuming as well as complaining, judging and blaming mind-set. It is also its lack that is stiil pulling us to the wrong drivers and making us rely on so many illusions.

Sadly, all of this keeps us in the sunflower state when we may well embrace the power of the suns. It’s a real pity to stay in the useless I & Them mindset, instead of shifting to the productive Me & We (M/We) mindset.

But, as we progress towards the dream, we see more clearly what would be possible.

Imagine … if we were more than a billion co-leaders to design our future, together, with compassion for who we are and what we are not, our high level of dependence, and a real concern for future generations….

Today, there is no other way but to become truly collaborative in our core, and to end this situation where only a few decide for our collective future.

IIf we are together, we have everything we need to make this exceptional civilisation grow. And especially if we all individually develop the skills that I have suggested before, and I hope you took note here that the power is in the combinations.

So let’s start making this dream come true. And the first thing to know is that in order to be successful, dreams must be accompanied by realism. That’s what we will explore in this blog post.

The right dose of realism

We need to acknowledge that the change will not happen on its own. So, the first thing is to establish a force for good which will set up the right conditions, challenge our mindsets, and accompany us towards a more benevolent framework for actions.

From my research, the European Union can be the protagonist of real progress. For this, it needs to adopt an assumed freedom and an ambition to infuse collaboration as well as a sense of togetherness.

However, today, we are still in a situation where there is still a big wall between the citizens and the institutions. And the distance keeps on increasing. The expectation is to draw a more desired path.

  • As a first step, there is a need for a much deeper systemic reform and shift institutions with a “duty of care” model. To accompany it, we can create the pilot land of the dreams: growing inward to grow outward and make others grow. What we can achieve in Brussels will set the scene for a new era for Europe. This is what we did with our programme Together-Ensemble. With more support, this could well become the ambitious change programme that is needed. (In the coming weeks, I will share all the research which led us to it as well as the outcomes from our reports).
  • The second step will be to open these kinds of change programmes to citizens. They will lead our institutions to act as stimulants to the individual and to the group in order to challenge, favour growth and foster more imagination, and ultimately amplify the learning and enabling culture. We saw previously, how much a growth mind-set coupled with a critical mind is key in our experts, or their expertise may well become obsolete after six months, in our complex times.
  • The third step will finally be to address all complex issues of our times in a holistic fashion, by bringing together experts, beneficiaries, businesses and governments as well as citizens from the periphery. This new approach will be called Holistic evidence-based policymaking and it will allow the Institutions to gather through serendipity, the wisdom, which will contribute to the emergence of the new. (I will do a blog post to provide more details once we see the other conditions)

“Little difference between the educated man and the ignorant man in judgment when there is such a great in doing” (Cicero)

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