Twitter is not (YET) good for LOVE

My Twitter account is no longer accessible. I announced yesterday that my account had been hacked and since then I continued to have security issues, until this morning I could not log in at all.

This story is pretty straightforward. It says that we are at war and that we must react.


By more love, more compassion, more benevolence. It says that my dream is the right one and that I must continue.

“The health of a culture is equal to the collective ability of the people who work there to feel the impact of their actions on others” (Raymond, 2016). 

So I will continue to be even more talkative in the coming days. And if you think I’m on something, please share my posts on Twitter for me. One heart is not enough. We need lots of beating hearts today on Twitter and everywhere else. #standupforlove

Photo by Molly Champion on

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