Lack of trust is just another lie

During my journey as a change leader for the European institutions and other organisations, I have discovered that change can be easy. Except when it’s not well managed. In fact, the wrong strategy can lead to the most damaging logical consequences, as we can see.

Today I wanted to give you some key lessons about trust, which is a powerful currency in the Anthropocene era, building on my previous articles. Then, I realised that it was even more urgent to gather co-leaders around my philosophy. It’s high time to stand up for a less unjust world, because the Covid-19 reveals above all a crisis of inequalities.

So, my article, in which I wanted to discuss all the lies and excuses, such as lack of trust, that expose a rather poor change strategy, will have to wait.

Today, I call on all change leaders around the world, and all those who champion #love to support an initiative to create a first global political movement towards collaboration and a culture of partnerships. We have everything it takes to become an exceptional civilisation, which will leave behind incredible gifts.

Connect with me via my Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn communities, if you want to participate in our first conversations soon. And please, play your part by sharing the word around you, if you think this is the right move!

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