Becoming One with the World

(Making this Dream come true – 5/5)

A lot of people want change today.

But when I speak with you, you do not see it happening.

Actually, you see how well you can act at your level, but somehow you do not believe that politicians will meet your ambitious expectations.

It is clear to me that you have lost hope in the collective.

The gap between our daily reality and the political reality has widened. The dream of globalisation has been replaced by a dream of mass individualisation. The politics isolate and divide. We do not find anymore the politics that unite. And it’s a real pity ! In this blog post, I will outline the latest set of conditions to close the distance for good.

But I’d rather warn you, I no longer believe in nation states, seeing how much this is another unnecessary barrier to powerful collaboration and distributed leadership. Unless of course, we choose to vote for co-leaders (and I exposed in various articles how to easily recognize them from now on).

The good and not the glory as radical subversion of the political domain (Arendt)

1/ Why we are not one global tribe

To be perfectly honest with you, it’s hard to find a good excuse for not behaving yet as one global tribe in front of all our mega challenges, when we know it’s the only way to solve them.

Does our loyalty to our great leaders and our sense of duty still prevent us from seeing how all these nation states have no particular interest?

I mean we can always find a good reason for maintaining political borders, such as the question of languages, but I personally feel that this too could be questioned.

When we think about it further, the notion of nation states is not even good anymore for our sense of belonging. We saw it with the Brexit trauma, our political leaders can decide we are no longer worth their fight.

Either way, I told you we have to honour our story but certainly not get stuck in a world of illusions. We can do better as an exceptional civilisation. If the solutions brought so far have not worked to make us happier and collectively stronger then it’s high time to reconsider them.

Can we for once agree on the way to go about our crises, like responsible adults? I hear everywhere how much people are looking for freedom, so let’s embrace this freedom and implement those solutions that we know will work?!

Imagine the multiplication of possibilities, if we were thinking like one global tribe.

2/ Imagine now that almost all conditions are there

You know, we have made huge steps in this direction over the past decades. The Internet philosophy has accelerated what more and more people see as the reasonable next step, i.e. global collaboration..

In fact, if we are effectively separated by six degrees only, can we stop a minute to reflect and see the potential of leveraging the wave of change across all this population of 8 billiard inhabitants in a world that is turned upside down?

Can we finally invert the trend and initiate a more benevolent framework for actions, for good?

No because I see you hesitate! You think you cannot on your own. Yes that’s true but all together, oh yes we can! And my goal is to prove it!

We saw in previous posts how much our system is interdependent, and that in our post-industrial era, one weak dot leads to another weak dot. We also saw that in the Anthropocene epoch, we can decide to have a positive impact on our environment, which means that instead of a vicious circle, we could shift to a virtuous circle. And there’s plenty of time left for this.

I will not allow despair. We can do better for our children. To make it happen, we need to change from scarcity to abundance (and this will involve a revolutionary approach, which could well impact all sectors) and use all the drivers I exposed in previous posts.

It’s time to equip the potential 1 billion co-leaders. And, with the proper advancement programme (development of skills and tools) as well as conditions for more co-responsibility and other conditions I have already shared, we could well be in a position to live the dream sooner that we think.

2/ A particular role for the EU Institutions

EU Institutions can put in place the conditions to develop as one global tribe. To create the belonging, which will be decisive to increase global commitment behind the new vision, This includes:

  • Building the case for collaboration;
  • Making sure that they are governed by emancipating EU leaders, role modelling the behaviours and mind-sets (in particular through accountability, true transparency, and openness);
  • Adopting new values. Efficiency will no longer be a driver as it has shown to damage both people and the planet and will be replaced by the values of diversity, respect, fairness and sustainability;
  • Ending with targets (as they set people against each other and their stakeholders. Hence when people focus on results they usually tend to cheat more). Instead, choose a compass to ensure guidance for the efforts; otherwise, in challenging times, history tells us that we may well turn self-destructive.
  • Finally, investing in liquid democracy.
“The politician when he wants to do everything becomes weaker and weaker and therefore must concentrate on where he is expected, that is to say this vision project, this social project. Tomorrow, we need this idea of an organisation at the service of the common good. An organisation that would make the difference because (...) it would have taken into consideration the issues people-planet-profit holistically. From there, how do we create favourable conditions for fraternity at European level, at the level of organisations, at French level?“ Emmanuelle Duez in Together Ensemble, February 2021.

Examples of concrete measures, which could help the shift

  • Guaranteed income to conduct work by wish and not only by necessity. As Marx was saying, real work starts when we finish the one we do by way of necessity.
  • Expand gig economy, stakeholder-based ownership models, such as blockchain technology, new forms of democratic decision-making, and distributed autonomous organisations.
  • Accelerate the green agenda: Imagine and implement a set of new social measures, which will have the strategic potential to encourage the transitions to a virtuous circle.
  • Call to all change agents, coaches, mentors… of the world to join Europe as main protagonist for the change that is needed. This is a call for true co-leadership.
  • Multiplication of bottom up initiatives using iterative learning needs to be encouraged, for instance by saying « we need your help ». There is a great power in supporting informal communities of adventurers. We need forward looking and resilient communities.

We saw that the emergence for the EU institutions is about partnerships, collaboration and decentralisation. It’s time to think out of the box, shake our brains and make our hearts beat. But, of course, this new course of action will lead to successful outcomes only if, people join. With great energy! This is why we need a global movement.

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