Collaboration: 3 traps / 3 tips

In this blog post, I will be straight to the point. It’s my Sunday post for those of you who request from me more quick reads. We know who you are, you “busy” people :-).

Collaboration begins with a person ready to act and create a movement. Ok, but it’s not easy for all that! Let me first start with the pitfalls most people fail in, before the powerful tips.

Three traps

  • If we show that we already know what we want, by talking too much or looking full of certainties. Then the collaboration will quickly be seen as manipulation. And people will not join or talk for long.
  • If we have not learnt to seek love. And if instead, we keep following our fears. Then, we are sure to fail at collaboration. The main trap here is the protective mindset.
  • Finally, we tend to move too quickly to collaboration. Yet, the preparation phase, and in particular poor framing or lack of safe space have really the power to kill the game.

Three tips

  • Collaboration can only work when the willing person admits that he doesn’t know or that he needs help. Good communication is important but it is above all a good management of expectations that will make the difference.
  • To be good at collaboration, we need to have real taste for learning. In fact collaboration is an art that very few master. For instance, we will have to learn to navigate between love and power. This means having both a real authority and an ability to engage authentically. Most people are good at one but not at the other.
  • Finally, the appreciation of diversity is for me the main success factor. It takes a sincere willingness to be transformed through collaboration, and to fight the arrogance of knowledge and power. The advice here is to adopt an open mindset, and to always be ready to inject new blood in the collaboration! Not from the same echo chambers, I guess you got it. You need both doers and thinkers, and many other roles….

See, that’s it for today! If you are interested to learn more about this topic, click on the collaboration tag to find many more articles on this blog.

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