The plan for the coming days and weeks…

All of the articles I have published in recent weeks relate to a roadmap that I designed for the attention of the European Commission in September 2021.

My intention was to give the President a playbook on State of the Union address day.

Unfortunately, my aim, which was intended to create a global movement with the support of our leaders, was not understood. Or, it needed more time….

In any case, it is alone that I am pursuing this fight today. Well not really alone, in fact I have a lot of support from all sides. Just not officially (which is from my experience often an advantage!).

My project, as I clarify it on this blog and in many other places, over the days, can be summed up as follows (I love questions – and you will see it’s easy, you just have to answer “yes” to each one):

  • The world is on its head, can we take a break and all together think about the next step?
  • Can we get as many people as possible to create a vision for a better future for all?
  • And finally, can we put an end for all to the inequalities which are only growing, put an end to fear, to hatred and to become an exceptional civilisation our children want from us?
  • Will you join me in this adventure?

Congratulations, and welcome on board! The next steps as I see them:

  • Draft of a manifesto supporting the need for a force for good to create an exceptional civilisation
  • Invitation to conversations with me via Zoom – first ones will be dedicated to the manifesto and getting to know each other
  • List of resources needed
  • Preparation of training materials to equip the co-leaders
  • That will be a good starting point…

The collaborative journey I can’t wait to see you play a part in, could be the most exciting adventure of your life (or the worst). It’s all the beauty of collaboration! But I have hope, lots of hope. And I know my stuff, I hope it’s clear for you by now. Plus, I am pretty sure many coaches and trainers will want to join this adventure too. This is a quest for love and, an invitation to leave all fears behind us.

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