Agnostic yet crazy about #Love

It would be easy in these times to consider me a radical for my various contributions on the weaknesses of our society.

In fact, we saw the power of our human species to develop certain talents in times of uncertainty, such as the capacity to judge others and put them in boxes. No doubt, it is a way to add a layer of certainty and reassurance.

A concrete illustration: every time I launch a new initiative, some people tell me “Oh! But maybe you could become this or that profession…”. And, the suggestion always comes with a good intention. For example, lately some saw in me a future spiritual guru.

Well, I am very sorry to disappoint you, but that’s not the plan at all!:-)

That’s not to say that I don’t have a lot of respect for those who choose this path. In fact, I also share this analysis that spiritual energy is the most important.

Furthermore, I am convinced like the Dalai Lama that we need more “civilian monks” to heal this society. They are more familiar with the constraints and dreams of real people.

And, the good news is that some are already doing this quite successfully. I am thinking, for example, of Russel Brand or Tim Ferriss.

Yet, I’m sorry to say my purpose is not to compete with them. In fact, I’m totally agnostic. In politics, religion and science.

My only radicalism is love. My only belief is in the power of nuance. And for that, I can even go pretty crazy.

Better to be warned, I am ready for anything to stand up for more togetherness and care, but always with as much humility as possible.

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