When things do not seem right…

I hope the philosophy of this blog is clear now. The starting point is “we all belong” and “we are all co-leaders who matter”.

My aim is to make us realise that we can responsibly say out loud when things aren’t going well. Because it is possible! No one asks us to be a sheep.

Actually, questioning things should not make anyone look like a radical. If we think something does not make sense, as responsible adults, we need to use the democratic tools to make us heard.

This means, we need to be less followers. Our times call for more collective movements! From any part of this globe, we need to find the way to contribute and help improve the future.

In fact, these are not times to resign, but to be present to the way things are. No longer asleep. No longer outsiders, refusing to join the dance, and then judge or blame.

These are times of possibility. And, with the increasing use of digital technologies, things are made easier to simplify historical rigid processes.

In many ways, the general public (from Europe but also from the whole world!) can change Europe as well as follow closely what is happening and get that essential sense of transparency. Experts can also contribute more and better.

For instance, the EU Institutions are regularly launching initiatives to co-design future European policies. And, some with amazing impact can be seen in the domains of education, culture, health, liquid democracy and digital for instance.

Everything is quite promising! But, we have to play our part or, nothing can improve. And, we will continue moving towards even more despair.

Thus, my aim is to bring a message of hope, if it can get through. This is what our children need from us.

My dear readers, I will tell you more soon about our vision for holistic policymaking, which I am so excited about! You have to know that the purpose for the future is to extend the collaboration to every stage of the policymaking process.

Democracy will no longer be something that isolates us in voting booths, but something that brings us back together. You, I, us, can learn at the same time to position better ourselves as regards to the new vision.

Exciting times for more and more winners!

Photo by Olenka Sergienko on Pexels.com

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