Duties to turn virtuous

In recent months, I have not been the only one to observe the emergence of a certain number of reactions, which have led to a resumption of incivility. This is why we notably addressed the issue of respect during a previous Together-Ensemble session.

Just yesterday for instance, as we had a quick bite to eat at a large fast food chain near Paris, I was sorry to see both:

  • Very poor service from employees, due to multiple ordering errors and complete lack of concern and empathy for customers.
  • As well as the lack of cooperation from customers through toilets left dirty and trays not cleared and left voluntarily on tables.

You could call it a vicious cycle. Bad behaviour feeds more bad behaviours. I was saying that our human species may well become self-destructive in times of crisis.

And unfortunately, over the past few months, we have been able to see some clear signs that some of us have developed a worrying trend. In fact, as far as I know, the main reason is that they started to like their emotions more than people.

So, on this subject, let me ask an important question: What would be the impact on our behaviours, if we were to love the people around us more than our emotions?

Please think carefully about it. And tomorrow I will tell you more about some powerful strategies in tough times to improve our mental health. They will have a great impact on an exceptional civilisation.

Time for some homework. The holidays are over!:-)

Photo by alleksana on Pexels.com

2 thoughts on “Duties to turn virtuous

  1. David Gurteen says:

    We all need care.

    Without it, children wouldn’t make it to adulthood, patients wouldn’t recover, and communities wouldn’t grow or thrive.

    And “care” doesn’t just extend to people, either: if we fail to take care of our possessions, our buildings, and our infrastructure, then our landfills will overflow and our cities will crumble.

    If we don’t care for the environment, species will go extinct and we will lose vital resources that nourish our bodies and our minds.

    And if we fail to take care of our planet, future generations will face serious threats to their survival.

    Stewardship, conservation, maintenance, repair: these are all forms of care.

    Credit: Lynn Berger

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    • gueg1 says:

      You cannot imagine how my children experienced yesterday’s sad scene. Only adults in the restaurant.
      Children would have behaved so much better.
      What kind of society do we want to be? There are so many fundamental conversations which do not happen at the moment.

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