A new disruptive vision for policymaking

The COVID-19 crisis has revealed the urgent need to ensure more transparency as well as to foster the mindset and competencies for innovative and agile responses to the world’s most complex problems.

In order to serve citizens and experts better during this crisis, we need to change the course of actions for more inclusivity and openness. Adopting a holistic approach to policymaking would:

  • Ensure all policies are coherent while actively embracing system change through more collaboration between institutions, stakeholders using collective intelligence.
  • Align around the vision and support the new paradigms required for a more sustainable world, redefining mental models around key concepts such as “prosperity” or “growth”.
  • Work with an understanding that, in view of the complexity and dynamism of systems, there is no “perfect plan” and that policies need to be designed flexibly, allowing for learning and adaptations as change unfolds.
  • Close the gap between institutions ’priorities and EU citizens’ aspirations. and increase impact on citizens’ lives.
  • Increase trust towards public authorities.

Obviously, this requires a significant shift in behaviour and a new leadership style. The bolder and more engaged the leadership behind this vision, the more quickly this shift will be embedded. Such initiative needs to be accompanied by political courage to fight denial, angriness, freeze, psychology of blame or escape for the benefit of the planet.

It also calls for more critical knowledge regarding the interlinkages and interactions of different economic systems and subsystems, as well as new approaches to governance and management.

The award-winning Together-Ensemble series developed by the European Commission can contribute to induce the powerful changes needed.

In the coming days, I will provide concrete illustrations on how holistic policymaking needs to be done, and its concrete benefits on some issues.

In every crisis, there are opportunities. That’s the journey we started on 18 May 2020. And I intend to reveal everything. Hope you will follow me! What better image than our beautiful planet to illustrate this new vision, calling for always more care and love 🙂

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

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