Trapped. Double trapped. Mega trapped.

For some, being trapped means dreaming of closing borders that do not exist in reality.

For others, this is rejecting some who are more human than us. When it would only take an inch of inspiration to see it’s a failure when the kids “there” see only a future “here”.

For some, it is rushing for a quick fix, when the logical consequences will be to turn a fairly mild virus into a monster that will kill more and more children. And to call this democracy.

And then there are all those who follow those who polarise, who lose their temper, the sons to moms, the arrogant ones, the middle class women hungry for passion…

But I tell you, we are following the wrong thread here. The people I quoted above will make us follow fears instead of love. There are playing the puppets, not the heroes!

And I beg you, do not follow blindly those who have either discouraged you or encouraged you. In uncertain times, both behaviours are bad.

In fact, only what feeds our critical thinking should be welcome.

And, the unique rational fear to have must be related to our own ability to either destroy ourselves or to destroy others in challenging times.

The only demons are in our minds; in the forms of the laziness that dominates and, of our inability to stand up and act, which distracts us from the essential.

Because basically, only 20% of us will vote for the next President who will impose on us his or her viewpoint, and decide what our children can expect from the next decades.

So it’s clear that this article is both quick and loaded. But that says a lot about our lack of inspiration and what it can lead us to do.

Tomorrow, I will tell you more about the cultural compass we need to follow in our times, at the risk of getting caught up in bad behaviour. You know voting for the politics that divides, instead of the politics that unites. Or worse, escaping our sense of responsibility.

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