What the body says

In a previous article on exemplary leadership, I shared the “what” before the “why”. However, it is obvious that this is a major error.

Who would follow a leader today in relation to what she does rather than who she is? And beyond, on what led her to become an exemplary woman. I will soon tell you about some powerful whys.

But today, I want to focus my reflections collected by observing men and women co-leaders on another topic.

What are the traits of co-leaders that make me think that we can all become one, from the moment we have put in place the right conditions? What are the traits of those who create followership around them, without having that authority that still forces followership in many contexts? What are the traits of those with real leadership skill?

And as I believe very strongly, in body and mind collaboration. It is through the body that I will bring out these skills. An other story of simple collaborative culture.

  • A spine ready for any test. Each blow to the co-leader only grows his spine. It is as if the co-leader has crossed the threshold of comfort and thanks to this, nothing can reach him. On the contrary, everything that happens to him on his way only serves to make him stronger.
  • Anchored feet, whose roots can last several kilometers. Wherever in the world the co-leader finds himself, his roots grow strong on the soles of his feet. The foundations are unshakable. Its values ​​are not negotiable. Once the co-leader defines them, clarifies them and understands them, their alignment is all he seeks. The values are lived deep in the bones.
  • A deep look. No co-leader can escape the gaze of others. There is power in this gaze, which expresses what is in the heart. It does not cheat. Its direction is a promise which you can follow almost blindly.
  • A clear voice. The voice is the reflection of the soul, Plato told us. An unsteady, feverish voice shows a suffering soul. But the co-leader has taken care of his soul, he cleans and purifies it on a daily basis, because he knows that man is by nature tempted. Every day, the co-leader faces his demons, his flaws that he has learned to master through benevolent practices for body and mind, power walks, singing, or meditation… Making the voice as clear as it should be.
  • A tight stomach. She has digested each of her failures, and she holds her stomach so that it does not fall. It is the expression of her strong limits. Because the co-leader knows exactly where she can go, and cannot go, and because she is “centered” thanks to the powerful combination between a tight stomach and a powerful spine. The two work together to support each other, not to let the body bend.

It is also a cultural compass to analyse the body of the co-leader, to understand where he is in his trajectory, to see where he is suffering and where we must assist him. The goal for each co-leader is to develop a friendship with their body, so they can focus on their mission, without their body becoming an obstacle to their ambition. A number of lessons can be taught on the path to this freedom. I hope you have seen that perfection is not the target here, but a very solid foundation.

Because my project is to multiply the co-leaders for an exceptional civilisation. I will continue the necessary reflection over the coming days.

Photo by Elina Fairytale on Pexels.com

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