Who’s ugly?

In my family, we are mostly women, and we are mostly pretty. There are French misses among others, and I have always felt inferior to them.

When I joined the European Commission, I liked everything, only with my degree in communication and an average English, I quickly felt inferior.

And then, one day, I turned 30 and I got the confirmation that the prettiest girls after 20 were ugly ones who had fought to improve themselves.

And, I discovered that the higher you go in an organisation, the more you find there, like in a library, the most useless books; placed high.

So, I began to realise that there was really no one to be ashamed of. Hence, the only obstacle to my success so far had always been myself.

My problem, as everyone around me said, was poor self-confidence. At least, that’s what I thought until I found out I’m just a creative. For me, living is learning, it’s making sure to fall at least every day to have this immense joy of innovating.

And, in my journey, I realised that most creative people struggle with this pattern. And probably, more than others, they need a lot of love not to fall in love with their projects.

It has nothing to do with trust. Actually, I told you in previous blog posts,, it is never about trust. It’s again a question of care.

This story tells us that we can decide everything. Even being ugly, old and stupid. Or handsome, young and smart. I think it’s all about attitude. Another collaboration between mind and body?

In any case, no excuse holds water. It’s time to light the fire and fight for a caring culture.

Photo by Adonyi Gu00e1bor on Pexels.com

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