I am vulgar, so much the better!

Some movies deserve to be seen again and again. “La Crise”, a 1992 French film directed by Coline Serreau is a small masterpiece.

And, for the focus of this article, I was inspired by one of its famous lines: “I’m vulgar, so much the better!”.

Today, we need to address the race for vulgarity among our political leaders. Let’s denounce it but in a light, forgiving and loving way, like the movie inspires.

Because I did not hide it, I was very angry following the little sentence of French President Macron. It was before he took his rotating seat as President of Europe and, I regretted the lack of reaction from our European leaders.

And, even if when you think about it, their behaviour was not surprising. As I said it in a video a year ago, a crisis is always good news for traditional leaders. Finally, an opportunity to shine and to show their worth. The dominant mindset is part of the equation.

But, I will not talk about it at length. I have already given my version of the key competencies of co-leaders in past articles. Furthermore, my plan is to provide much more food for thought on the right leadership for our times in upcoming articles.

We just need to know that traditional leadership has shown its limitations, we are still in a crisis mode.

So, there are a few important lessons to take away from the recent “little sentences” and I will focus on them:

  • Yes, “sentences” in plural, because unfortunately, most candidates to the next French elections play this sad game. Therefore, in 2022, (at least in France), it would be nice to be able to choose a President who would offer a different perspective on reality. On the part of the main political parties, I see a race for vulgarity and simplification. The French have no choice. Democracy is no more. I would be of the opinion of asking for the postponement of the presidential elections, as there are so many crucial reflections to be made before having to choose between the plague and cholera, or “the delta and the Omicron” to be more up-to-date.
  • At a time when vulgarity continues to sell well (and we can deplore it), the leader has an obligation not to fall that low. So obviously, sometimes it’s normal to get angry. Yet, even if it is human to express it, please be mindful, be empathetic, and be vulnerable by sending immediate apologies. When a leader behaves badly, he does not respect those who love him or have loved him. The feeling of responsibility should therefore be considerable. We need to expect from our leaders to model the behaviours of an exceptional civilisation (and I will clarify the vision soon).
  • In particular, the main quality on which a leader must be judged today is definitely his or her capacity for openness and inclusion. Diversity is good for everything, even for building our immune systems in view of new viruses! Refusing diversity is choosing to end our humankind. As simple as that. Powerful strategies can be developed at global level to avoid a huge migration crisis, we just need to start now with the players that want to be involved. In collaboration, you need different roles, you do not need everyone active. Otherwise, it would be impossible to achieve! For me there is a real indecency to make believe that we can build walls.
  • Finally, I admit that when I get angry for something like this, I am a bit rigid and should be more flexible. The lack of respect at this point is my red line. And, this to me is another proof that we do not laugh enough at the moment. We have to bring back laughter and lightness everywhere. And, I almost feel sorry for President Macron. He deserves our forgiveness. He just could do better than starting again. A Mea Culpa is the wrong tactic if it’s to dive back behind.

We entered the Anthropocene era in the 1950s, I hope to see our leadership finally evolve. 70 years later, it is time to adapt! In particular, it’s time to learn from more books, not just those that are located at the top of the library.

It’s a bit vulgar otherwise to build a whole amazing library and only consult a few books, those you could have written yourself.

Photo by Ivo Rainha on Pexels.com

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