Powerful to destroy? Yes! And to build? No! For this, we are powerless. Totally helpless.

These kinds of conversations about the paradox of our humanity and where it takes us are really fascinating. We had already discussed this a bit during a conversation in Together-Ensemble. Our programme to support the crisis and above all to prepare for the aftermath, carried out within the European institutions.

You know, on the one hand, we see that we have a daily impact on our planet. On other species, on the mood or, on the energy of our fellow citizens. Individually and collectively we have an impact.

But then when it comes to moving the crowds to achieve the slightest change in a positive direction, well then, all of a sudden… the most bogus excuses are heard:

“I am too busy”, “I don’t have time”, “It won’t work” or, “Change gets me tired” (when we know that change is a constant).

What it says, is that when it comes to having a collective positive impact, we’re no longer powerful at all, we are suddenly helpless. In most cases.

And, as a result, we cannot advance substantially towards more freedom and more love. And despite the fact that there are so many good souls willing to act. Inner demons still seem louder.

And it’s a real pity, also because it means that most of us are saying no to happiness by not joining the collective forces for good. Marx was telling us that the one job that is making us fulfilled is the one we do when we do not need to earn any money.

Really, I am telling you, the wild civilisation of disorganised and bloodthirsty Gauls has invaded the world! (It’s a joke, especially because Gauls were better educated than us).

In order to shed some light here, I thought about how to become powerful when we are powerless with these very quick, yet powerful tips:

  • The power of laughter. And not any laughter. To gain power, we have to use the terrible laughter of the stepmother of Snow White. Or any other terrible laughter, one for which we will have to use all our lungs. Amazing effect guaranteed. It really has to scare us a lot!
  • Break the tempo. When everything accelerates, slow down. When everything slows down, accelerate It’s a way to refuse external pressure to find our own ideal pace and then power.
  • Be a kind evil multiple times a day. I told you already, it’s bad to finish a day with only good actions.
  • Develop the scout mentality. Be curious.
  • Make friend with a tree. Trees are an amazing source of energy and love, that is always available. Hence they have this amazing quality of remaining silent. Or you may want to do like me, you get access to the precious wisdom of trees by listening attentively. Or like Charlemagne, who used to sit near a tree in the “Chateau de Vincennes” near Paris, France, when he had to take tough decisions, in particular to sentence people. I have no idea what its name was but mine is “Eu-chêne”. (Eugene pronounced with an Alsatian accent, a good joke from my elder son) That’s a tree of a near-by park.
  • Stop resisting. When we resist demons, we make them even more powerful. So, we have to let go of them. And that’s how they will disappear by magic. Letting go is much easier than we think. It’s a pity when we are totally dominated by demons when we know how easy it is to get rid of them. Again, cheating our brain is key here. In the past, people did not know it was so easy to quit smoking or drinking.. But now we know, we do not have any more excuse. I am not saying shifting our mindset is easy though, that’s the tricky part, which I will cover in this series.
  • Give room to our feminine energies. That’s the good one for building. It has the healing power. No matter if you are a man or woman. A good way to stimulate it is through arts and culture. Read, paint, sing, dance, visit museums, walk in nature, look at the moon with your loved one, for instance.

This quick article marks the beginning of the new series to clarify the concept of an exceptional civilisation, which I hope you will enjoy following !

I will try to answer the following questions in the coming days: “Are we too scared to build Heaven on Earth? And if so, what do we need?

PS: This image is of course to illustrate the need for our feminine energy. I am not saying that women alone can save this world in bad shape. Of course, we will do this all together. And it’s not more complicated to access the feminine energies for a man than for a woman. I see in my coaching sessions, many women who struggle with their feminine energies today, for example.

Photo by cottonbro on Pexels.com

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