Poor thinkers need others to think better.

When you seek the conditions for a more fulfilling world, and realise that the secret is to dream big.

But no one seems to take the lead and you find yourself having to start everything on your own.

I can tell you it’s not easy.

Especially if, over the past few years, you have been through all my different struggles; while having to stay strong all the way for my children, my clients, my friends, my extended family, etc.

Imagine if I had told the truth that sometimes I was so afraid of losing everything; That, I was not eating, for fear of not being able to pay for my children’s school.

I would never have dared to cause more pain.

I can tell you from having been there: people get a really hard time, when they are weak. Our modern world wants us to be strong.

To be convinced of this, it suffices to look at how justice is rendered, for example. We make it almost impossible to have second chances.

But if this world is for strong people, there is one fact we forget about: It is that most of us are sick below the surface. One of the things the COVID-19 crisis has shown.

And, because people are so fragile everywhere, protective mindsets get hype.

We have to be immune to the bad, at the risk of getting sicker, or worse weak like me.

In fact, while most continue to thrive in artificial positivity, there is a mandate to isolate everything that looks a bit negative.

To save the majority’s peace of mind, the “negative” behaviours need to be given a cage, apart from the rest of society.

Or, some have this strange idea of a wall, to close political imaginary borders.

So, most of us are satisfied. A bit the story of the vaccines pass, if you think about it.

No, I tell you, we can do better.

This is why I am doing everything to regain my energy and power back.

It’s never good to be weak or fearful in the post-industrial era.

And what I have learnt in my restorative journey, for instance, is this:

All our difficulties are above all in the head! Yes, in our head!

And, as we are really poor thinkers on our own, the key to our inner peace and well-being is to start to think with others.

To confront our reality with them.

So, weak, strong, white, black, European, Asian, small, tall, vaccinated, unvaccinated, we are all much stronger when we are together. Even against viruses.

We are made to thrive in diversity.

Once we understand this, the path to regeneration can be quick.

This is why I believe in a force for good for an exceptional civilisation.

This is why I believe in a worldwide movement dedicated to healing.

To stand firm in the face of adversity, the first thing is to recognise that we are not properly equipped to face all the lows of our existence, so we need help.

The professional support of a force for good, which will gather different profiles, roles, experts from all around the world, in different locations, and virtually.

You know, if there is a lot of suffering on this Earth, I believe it can be avoided.

And from there, my dream is to create a political party for all citizens of the world, who no longer believe in any limitation imposed on them, coming from a mostly false reality.

Their role will be to co-lead this planet to a better place and to give incredible gifts to the next generations. One of their responsibility for instance will be to write a testament, so that we stop for good to repeat the same mistakes. Or, they will be called to facilitate the conflicts that get us stuck and, amplify injustices everyday a bit more.

And that’s why I have invested in myself for all these years, and despite the struggles, to serve as a guinea pig for this movement.

My aim is to model the mindset and behaviours that I think we need to co-lead a better world, and to equip you with everything I learnt along the way.

I hope more and more will join me in this adventure, which is about to start soon. In the meantime, what about dreaming a bit that things can get really better? The sky is the only limit.

In the next few days, I will continue to provide more details about this exceptional civilisation.

Photo by Myicahel Tamburini on Pexels.com

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