Reinvesting the third floor of Love

Love is connection. And we have three levels of connections.

The first is intimate. That’s the relationship with ourselves, our partner, our children, or God…

The second is with the closed circle (family and friends).

And, the third floor, as I call it, is the extended community level. For instance community service in a local group, school or non-profit organisation, social relationships with our professional community, community of interests, and even global community…

And we have all our preferences between the three levels of connection.

Some want to put most of their energies at the intimate level, others with their closed circles, for example.

But there is a rule, we cannot invest the three levels equally, we are all making choices.

It’s related with the available energy.

After two years of the COVID-19 crisis, and all the lockdowns, it makes sense that the first two levels have been the most considered.

As a result, there is an overall feeling that love or relationships at the third floor has greatly diminished.

And those like me, who self-actualize, or thrive more if you prefer at that higher level of connection, tend to feel a bit down right now.

The fact that we could not contribute to our eudaimonic well-being, as much as we are used to, was certainly a problem.

But it does not have to stay that way.

It’s a huge waste of energy, if you think about it. In particular, a precious energy to ensure the resilience of our society.

So, over the past few days, I have been running a few very simple experiments, where I have been sending free love to the world on Twitter and Facebook, via different accounts.

What I learnt is very simple:

  • The response rate was amazing, it really lifted my mood.
  • The level of appreciation is not high, nor is it low. I’d say it’s promising, there’s a window of opportunity that needs to be seized.
  • In fact, as I said in a previous post, social media is not yet good for the third floor of love, we must seriously close the gap. Otherwise many will seize this opportunity, not necessarily with the best intentions for humanity.

Therefore, I would like to propose some solutions for reinvesting the third floor:

  • Clarifying a shared vision, a common dream that will bring hope but also motivation to rise up and care, for those who have broken this habit.
  • Engaging those who want to take action at the highest collaborative level, to model a behaviour of engagement and love.
  • Multiplying compassion and kind gestures against the virus of hatred (the high level of division, with the I & Them mindset), to install a culture of “M+We” (Me + We, collaborative mindset).
  • Coming back to the true definition of love to identify the activities needed. Love is not a trade or a reaction. Love should be the most free gift of all. Unfortunately, we have seen how expensive it has become today. So, the solution is regular simple virtual treats. It needs to feel authentic, spontaneous, “free”.
  • Creating key moments to group the efforts, in order to have a wave effect. Memes could certainly be envisaged.
  • Categorizing them through particular hashtags.
  • Building meaningful connections. This will have a huge impact in boosting our overall resilience.

Who are all these tasks for? The force for good I was talking about, of course.

Should we create a special dating app to bring all those third floor love pirates together? I would love that.

You cannot imagine the number of amazing people I know who are only asking for me to launch the reinvestment of the third floor of love. We have had enough rest. Time for action!

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