My secrets for an anti-ageing ambition

As I approached 40, I was both excited and anxious.

Excited, because all my life, I had waited to be taken seriously.

Until now, I was Julie, bubbly and creative, full of talent no doubt, but hey, a young girl, who still had everything to learn.

As I was told.

Then, I turned 40, and finally, people were going to take me seriously!

To me, the upward slope towards success.

Only, I had not anticipated that 40 is also a bit of an anxiety-provoking age for women.

Our society does not forget to remind us regularly that then the slope is downward.

We seem less interesting for men who still have a good hand on power.

And then, above all, our body begins to age. Not so sexy.

Suffice to say that for me, 40 had the effect of a liberation and a painful shock.

I realised that I did not have much time left, if I ever wanted to enjoy the top of the mountain.

So, a few days at most to realise myself? Ouch!

Fortunately, three years later, I am reassured, the slope seems to remain upward a little more.

Phew. I still have a little time ahead of me to prove that I can.

But time is running out all the same. So I need a good anti-ageing potion for an anti-ageing ambition.

It could well prove useful for a force for good, whose job will be to grow an exceptional civilisation, with the energy of a 20-something group.

So, never one day without a good inch of:

  • Feeling love
  • Caring for the Self
  • Laughing
  • Moving in balances
  • Enjoying children’s sparkling energies
  • Walking in nature
  • Listening to silence
  • Listening to music
  • Singing
  • Focusing
  • Reading
  • Journaling
  • Hugging animals
  • Cleansing with water (swimming provides the best experience)
  • Playing
  • Creating
  • Hard working
  • Flying or climbing
  • Grounding
  • Seeking beauty
  • Eating raw and nutritious food
  • Confronting fears

Since age is in fact in the head, there will be no headache with this check-list. In fact, one minute of full awareness for each will suffice.

I am a good illustration that by doing all of this, you will rejuvenate day after day.

And please, if you cannot find them in your reality, feel free to imagine yourself doing these activities, that will do the trick too.

For instance, sometimes I dream of myself eating a huge chocolate cake, it’s the best diet tip ever! Hence in my dreams, the cake is exactly the ideal one for me. A bit like my ghost who is the best man on Earth for me.

But to come back to the benefits of this list… You will avoid aesthetic surgery which is one huge fraud as it will make you age faster in the long term, according to my research.

Another pitfall I would like you to avoid at all costs is a dominant and rigid mindset. It is proven to cause many damages on your skin and body looks.

PS: I usually share more tips with my Facebook community, but today is a great day, as UK made a U-turn on the vaccines mandate for healthcare workers. So I feel like in the right mood to give you an extra gift too.

This is my game-changing insight: MASTER THE VOID ❤️ It’s when you feel like falling that your body starts to fall down. So begin to fly, higher and higher 🦋 and in harmony, with your two wings. The goal is to gain height. Yet, sometimes do not forget to come back to the ground. It has some benefits too! 🙏

And you, what is your trick to prolong your chances to matter?

Obviously, I cannot help but remind all of us here that the most important assessor of our value, is us. Certainly, not others, and even when they come with the best intention.

And if you are like me, full of ambition, please stop counting years and trophees.

Instead, count impact, influence and the joy to become wiser everyday.

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