Turning the world into a big jazz club

Tonight, I spent the evening in a mythical place in Brussels which is rising from its ashes after years of closure.

The Sounds welcomed me again this evening in its walls which rubbed shoulders with the greatest when I was 10 years old younger.

And tonight, as I and my friends listened to one wonderful jazz band after another, we wondered what it would mean to organise the world like a giant jam session.

And here I am about to tell you what it would be like if we indulged a little in this utopia greater than us.

Find me tonight in this new world,, where impromptu co-leaders, emerging co-leaders, feverish co-leaders, or leaders accomplished.. .. And everyone after another, would take the posture when the time is right for them.

Everyone would grab their role to heart and carefully, with the same desire to make their moment, another one that counts.

You know, maybe jazz will teach us that.

The most important is not only to join a collective music, but it is to find harmony, to adjust to the other, to find the key moment only when and if, the individual performance makes sense.

A role to play that is recognized. Encouraged. And praised.

And when she does take the stage, the crowd falls in love with her uniqueness.,

The presence of the co-leader becomes strong until the cast resumes.

Like an organised chaos, the circle seems necessarily virtuous.

And everyone will put a meaning into the collective.

A singular flavour.

And what I find even more surprising in this ballet is the care taken in the listening.

In the big jazz club, true compassion is not missed, the individual as well as the collective exist.

And nobody is told replaceable, is meant to suffer or be rejected.

Let me ask you, what if we were designing our exceptional civilisation like a jam session?

For a future designed by all, and not by just a little hand of overpowered leaders, made by crowds of fans and other passive listeners.

Do you think we would let the chaos happen?

No, of course not!

No one would run away in front of their responsibility, and all of us would find a lot of meaning in the careful listening and care.

Nothing like the chaos we see everywhere today.

I think we would find a lot of value in co-designing an exceptional civilisation, like a global jazz club.

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