Special Ukrainian crisis: apparently, we are not in a learning world

For the past two months, I have almost compulsively shared my thoughts on our world, in light of the COVID-19 crisis.

And, I believe that my ideas reflect quite well the thinking of a good number of fellow citizens; They are too currently exhausted by global inefficiency.

But as I said through my articles, pointing fingers in a way that would not be constructive is not a reflection of an exceptional civilisation.

When our leaders are pedaling through sauerkraut (a nice French quote!), we as citizens can and even have a duty to come to the rescue.

And so it is with this collaborative mindset that I write this article today.

My goal is to raise the awareness of our leadership on the urgent solutions to be put in place to avoid any escalation. And if you allow me, the explosion of testosterone, which we find everywhere today and which quite simply shows that we are humans and not gods.

So here are my 5 cents reflections to launch the ball. And I am expecting my dear readers to react with their beautiful ideas (remember you are the stammering force for good and our world has never needed you so much):

  • Here we are faced with a complex problem, which requires collective intelligence. All bilateral meetings and attempts to prove one’s heroism will be in vain. Solution #1 is to bring everyone together, at least all the actors who want it around a table. More than a facade of unity which will not fool anyone, we need to create a strong collaborative culture. The conditions for a collaborative culture are to be found on my blog.
  • And we stop focusing our attention on the opponents, which I call the “red dots”, but on the “orange partners”, those who are ready to listen. Not yet committed to our cause, but it is still possible to convince them that it is just. It’s a huge waste of time and energy to devote ourselves to the “red”. Hence, the risk is to give even more power to them, as we could see lately…
  • Any good collaboration requires power and love. Firmness and agility. Dictatorship and Democracy. So we soften, we show empathy, we listen to better understand the problem. In fact we care, instead of starting from an almost paranoid posture between axis of good and axis of evil. The world plays with polarization, and simplification, mainly the media by the way, but stop falling into this sterile trap. And then, power means that at some point we decide collectively on measures to stop the escalation, for good. Walk the talk, you have a plethora of possibilities to stop the explosion of testosterone. Being strategic here means that you have understood what can really hurt the “red”. And we see that the number of Russian protestors against the war is increasing which is probably the best weapon against the red… The key to solving this crisis might well lie in a leaderful Russia.
  • Through the discussions, the objective is to identify the source of the problem, which lies under the tip of the iceberg. The culture and the “why” must be very clear, because it is there and there only that one must act. And you know how easy it is to solve problems, once they have been identified.
  • Finally, it might be time to think about reviewing the laws that govern us which, in my opinion, are totally off the mark, because not having taken into account the evolution of our world. And, in particular the silent transformations, which now emerge before our eyes in a brutal way. The world has changed, not our leaders who still strive with a post-industrial mindset and a posture from an old age, as well as our laws, tools.. When will we wake up as a civilisation to make the changes which are needed? For instance, it is clear that leadership is in each one of us, and needs not to be reserved to a few. Our world needs a few good managers and at least 1 billion of co-leaders (as I said in a previous article). Hence, our collective power will be stimulated by a new form of democracy, participative and deliberative.

No, really, I find it difficult to open the newspaper and see that we are handling this Ukrainian crisis, the same way as the COVID crisis.

And it is not a success this method in case you did not understand.

Thank you for your attention. And looking forward to discussing this topic that fascinates me.

From Brussels, your devoted Julie.

PS: Time to stop hitting the wall. Time to stop with a dominant mindset. We are all in the same boat. You fail, we fail. And we fail a bit too much, I humbly believe.

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on Pexels.com

3 responses to “Special Ukrainian crisis: apparently, we are not in a learning world”

  1. A Best Article . I highly appreciate and acknowledge your Sentiments and your Unconditional love with the Entire Humanity without any Vested Interests OR the Personal Gains . But very unfortunately the World Leaders are only And Always Interested in their Vested Interests and the Political Advantages .

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you Nisar, but if there is some truth in what you are saying, I am of the belief that anything can change if we commit to it. At least, that has been my philosophy all my life, and I can tell you I am often successful 😉 Trust me, you can.

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  2. Thank you very much Julie , I am fully agreed with you . If we look at the History , there are many things which took a Time to make an Advancement . The Wright Brothers invented the First Aeroplane around 1903 , which had a Limited Ability of the Flight . Later , through the Continuous Efforts , we now have a Supersonic speed . But the Credit always goes to a Person who initiates Something . The Foundation which you are now laying out will certainly flourish more in the Future Life .


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