Women are complex creatures and men are at their mercy…

I promised it to my Facebook community, and so here is my new article on the value of collaboration.

And, this time, my wish is to address the injustice of not leaving enough room for men at home!

During my various surveys to find the conditions for collaboration, I interviewed many people.

And what was my astonishment to find that a lot of men were not trying to become more efficient in their work. On the contrary even!

From what I have been able to analyze, it is clear that they are not always welcome at home.

A territory often ruled by masterful and complex women (we are not that inferior, we know that!), and a reality that men translate into a desire to extend the time, at work (at best!).

Therefore, when women want more space in the world of work, the question I ask myself is:

Who to defend the growing injustice done to men, who will therefore soon have no leadership anywhere, except, perhaps, at the bar?!

And tonight, I come to the defense of men, because basically, if the inequality between men and women does indeed seem to be a societal problem, it can only be seriously resolved with the collaboration of both stakeholders, men and women.

And all together, not separately you will understand, which means we have to understand the various pain points.

So dear men, this message is not funny, I understood that there was suffering in you too.

Here are my few tips to take your place at home. Time for a revolution!

  • First, negotiate the time spent with your children. It is essential to achieve a 50/50 balance, this is how your children will stand on their own two legs. When there are two parents, there must be equality vis-à-vis the children, otherwise they will feel the absence and therefore the lack. It’s as if you sold a super dad at birth and your cherubs would discover over time that he was mostly a mask, behind which there would be a bad joke. One, which would follow them all their life, so great would be the pain of having been abandoned or worse rejected. And, it is a disease of this century, so above all do not underestimate the wound, which extends throughout our civilisation, and requires today serious healing.
  • Then, take back your leadership, take initiatives, without asking “mom” for permission. Your spouse is a co-leader, the dominant mentality has no place, and even if it seems to make her happy. Bug her until she leaves the power to you too. And what a joy to regain control of your home, to feel useful, valued and to see the impact of these efforts. Fight, it’s worth it. Children need a diversity of caring and education patterns so, do not be afraid of mistakes. Doing wrong is being absent as you will have understood from the previous tip.
  • Finally, bring your touch to the atmosphere and the mood of the house. Your personality will bring light to this home, I’m sure. Let yourself dream of a more balanced and fulfilled family life and take the necessary initiatives in this direction. Organise outings, vacations, in short co-create with joy.

And please let me know how it goes!

If you are not in a relationship between a man and a woman, there might still be a feeling of inequality. My suggestion is also for you to fight for more equality. That will be beneficial to all players.

Next step: Solving inequality at a societal level, as soon as possible through global collaboration. The real one, which I hope to see emerge as soon as possible, at the risk of seeing more injustices, more crises and, ultimately more suffering in this world. When you think how much we could see #hope, #fun and #love, instead!

Photo by Kampus Production on Pexels.com

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