Power adds up, when it’s the right time

Power adds up, when it’s the right time

Hence, it should never be withdrawn.

You know my taste for the Adlerian philosophy.

It consists in a few words of saying that there is,

Neither a dominant nor a dominated position.

No one can take our power.

Hence, no one has the right,

To take power over us abusively.

We are all humans, in our glory

Or, in our own mediocrity

Who deserve respect and care equally.

And tonight, I want my thoughts to be succinct:

Do not let anyone ever think for you.

Do not delegate the essentials.

You alone have power over yourselves.

Whether in your dreams, or in your reality.

As long as you are planning something,

That you know is worthwhile,

Good for you and others,

You should do it.

Moreover, you alone, can set the bar,

Exactly at the height we want.

Because, from experience,

I learnt that when ambitious,

It’s best to do part of our journey on our own.

To invite others step by step.

And never before it’s high enough.

The reason is that no one can understand,

Where we are coming from;

And why such height is required.

The journey alone is hard,

But is the only way.

In fact, when we invite others too early,

The risk is to lose everything.

So, this very famous Maya Angelou’s poem

Is here to remind us,

That it’s up to each one of us to rise.

No excuses will work!

And if more of us rise,

Then I can tell you,

Power might well add up.

Soon, I will be present every day on YouTube and I intend to do good to your ear which you now know has the power of transformation.

3 responses to “Power adds up, when it’s the right time”

  1. I fully agree that Every Person is Equal in the Respect , Rights and Dignity but Not in the INTELLIGENCE . I would like to elaborate it with an Example . As Every Person is not Equal in the PHYSIQUE , Height , Width and Strength , which are the External Parameters and could be Easily seen , felt and recognized through a Visual Experience . About 30 % of the People are wearing Eye Glasses for the Eyesight , otherwise they may be very Healthy in all other Aspects . Likewise , many people are physically Healthy but can not father and Mother the Children due to certain Hormonal Deficiency or some Natural Alterations in their Reproductive system ( INFERTILITY) .
    In the very similar way the People have a Different Mental Capacity depending upon the Quality of the Neurons in their Brains . The Scientists are the Best Example in this connection .
    Mike Tyson a very Popular BOXER who is also blessed with the Strong Physical Genes , which is certainly a Work of the Nature . However , the Difference in the INTELLIGENCE does make a Big Difference between the Persons , as an Intelligent One is able to Cause the Revolutionary Changes in the Society . A person who invented the ELECTRICITY can not be Treated Equal to a
    a Person who is a Mediocre . However , their Right of Living and other Rights are certainly Equal . But they are Never EQUAL in all other Aspects . Thanks .

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