10 principles for a force for good

10 principles for a force for good

(And the name should change – what about the “wave of humanity”?). Its role will be key to the development of an exceptional civilisation, as you have understood from my past articles.

  1. The window of opportunity for change is now. The force for good must seize the moment and must be ready to commit maximum energy to this ambitious project. We know from history that we may not see repeat such an opportunity in decades or even centuries.
  2. Community spirit is essential. The force for good must act as a community, supporting and encouraging each other, because the path to change will not be easy. A lot of love will be needed as well as a culture of healing.
  3. Embracing a collaborative mindset is the only way. Especially in times of crisis, people tend to expect a saviour, and are even more keen to adopt a follower mindset. This mindset will have to be challenged, as heroes do not exist in real life. This movement will invite to the connection of the leaderships coming from all members . Expressing one’s leadership in a collaborative way may be challenging at times. We intend to emphasize principle #2 and related kinship to lift awareness on individual leaderships, and growths.
  4. Conversations should take place on a regular basis. This is how members will be able to connect, compare their level of thinking, innovate, collaborate on projects and, ensure a form of alignment.
  5. An experiential approach will have to be implemented and documented. The force for good will have to demonstrate the benefits of becoming an exceptional civilisation, by applying a genuine social and benevolent approach in various contexts. This is how the model will be better exported and adopted everywhere. For example, in the European Institutions, with the project Together-Ensemble, which shows that it is not an utopia but a new reality. Other initiatives such as the doughnuts economics in policymaking initiative, or the New Bauhaus are good examples as well. But there are many other examples to document everywhere.
  6. More than a revolution, a transformative approach is needed. It must be clear that the purpose of the movement is to leave great gifts behind to the next generations. And certainly not to do all this in hubris and pain. And we propose to co-lead that transformation at two levels, individual emancipation and collective emancipation. Note that a profound shift is needed.
  7. Individual emancipation will be orchestrated. The force for good will be equipped with the particular mindsets, behaviours and skills of co-leadership and collaboration. YouTube pills will be launched soon (5/10 minutes everyday to train the force for good).
  8. Collective emancipation will come through the transformation of politics. The aim is to instill a new way of making society. Politics will be dedicated to the real care of people, through tools of participatory and deliberative democracy. At every level (community/global), citizens will have an opportunity to contribute, and the immense chance to feel useful. This will reinforce the sense of belonging and their individual values in a global world.
  9. The positioning of the founder and community manager of the movement, will be that of a humble and vulnerable person. The main roles will be that of a bridge and of a sensemaker to encourage the collaboration and the participation of all. In particular, this positioning will be essential to embark those who are not used to speaking up. It will also be key to reassure everyone of the objective to amplify the voices of the silent majority (and not to muffle the voices or differences).
  10. The “Disagree and Commit” approach will need to be embraced by all members. It is a prerequisite for a successful global movement, which will mobilize all the energies that want change and transcend the limitations. If we don’t come together, it must be clear that all projects moving towards a benevolent framework for action, are doomed to failure. Coming together, whilst knowing the challenges that it may represent, is the cement for all the projects moving towards a benevolent framework for action result in a success of ours.

Please let me know if you would like to see any changes at this stage.

The next step is to send the final manifesto with these 10 measures to all leaders and co-leaders, who have expressed an interest in supporting this movement.

Soon, it will be time to launch it 🙂

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