The limitation of the powerful

I would love to make you laugh 1/5

You know the Anthropocene era, which is said to have been around for over 50 years?

Well, I can predict that in 10 years, if we do not change anything of our system, our leaders still won’t understand what that means, and no one will take action regarding the necessary changes.

What about giving you some proofs that I do not exaggerate?!

  • First, let’s start with the candidates for powerful jobs at upcoming elections. Funny thing with them, they really behave like Iznogoud. For example, we could have imagined that future “powerful” would take plenty of time to prepare. Embracing all possibilities to see a tide turn, through a weather change from the window. Or, simply just noticing that our system has become inadequate, with the consequences that we know (crisis management has become the norm). But no, they did not do it. The average time for preparing a next big election is five years. I can tell you that my cousin Germain, who is far from being a champion, would have found the time to add a strategic vision. But; who among the politicians is ready to share a real programme today? Me! Yes I have a vision but I am nobody among the powerless. So why even bother. At least the powerful does not care about successful strategies coming from a nobody, at least in my humble view.
  • Even more laughable. Those who adopt a strategy that proved to be wrong for the peoples and for them. And, on more than one occasion! Inventing a great replacement, for instance, is just good old, with nothing new. The powerful mindset of the powerless will not leave a lot of space to real power, I can tell.
  • Another story. 10 years ago, I told our leaders not to be afraid of digital, like they wouldn’t of a chocolate bar. Just thinking about how many bars it would take today makes my liver hurt. Because the number of powerful multiplied in our world, with new ones proliferating online. The result after 10 years, is that we are just a little lost about whom to follow in this chaos…? And when it’s too late to catch up properly, maybe time to embrace the next wave of change? Fractal networks. We can always dream of a world which is interested in successful strategies, again.
  • Here comes the fairy tale. Can we agree that leaders who learn don’t really exist ? In fact, you won’t see them often in training courses. Perhaps, they are too busy flirting with secretaries or young interns?! Of course that cliché happened to me. The powerful man had even lowered the blinds for fear that I would not understand the message. He must have been twice my age, at least, but no complexes. I don’t understand why he even dared to ask. We, women, always saying no, we are so boring,.. Another limitation for the powerful. The time for learning should be more valued.
  • Finally, a story coming from a job interview with powerful men and, one in particular from my generation. He asked me how I was going to do to take care of my children. So patiently, I had to explain to him how it worked… To which he proudly replied that he already had four. Obviously, shocked, I added “Well if you can do it, I should be able to do it…” I think he did not get it. But, obviously long live sexism, since this person has just been appointed to a very high position, by a woman. Poor world, stuck with a post-industrial mindset that limits the powerful.

But then, there are even more limited people than the powerful and, there are those traumatised by its limitation.

In fact, these ones are so limited in their freedom, that they would be ready to fight to save the worse among the powerful, i.e. the narcissists and the sociopaths. Because they want more of powerful around them.

The world has changed, drastically over the past 50 years, and it’s time to acknowledge this. There comes a time for an exceptional civilisation, in which everyone can have power and should have power!

And, the irreductive Gallic, originally from Brittany, will do everything from her radio station in Brussels to swing heavy on the Iznogoud and the Kalifs. Hope you will be listening. Long live to our democracy 🙂

My brave…

(The new series “I would love to make you laugh” will continue in the coming days)

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