The limitation of the heroes

I would love to make you laugh 3/5

I am spending a few days with my cousin, mayor of a big French city, and I must say that our conversations do me a lot of good.

I feel a very strong convergence between our ideas.

And even if our point of view is different, he acts at the local level and I at the European level; I feel that the understanding of the issues as well as the difficulties is completely in line.

Me who was not very at peace these last months with my project which I found too large, I realise “thanks to him” that it is even perhaps still too small.

According to him, I have to ramp up and I do not really have any other choice.

This implies that I will have to stop sharing my moods, as a single woman, an expat entrepreneur with two children, a cat, a dog and endless responsibilities in order to move up a gear that such a vision needs.

I know I have the shoulders, I do my housework well on my own.

And it is thinking of all the actions that this will require that I write this article today.

Once again, I hope that these learnings will be useful to us for the force for good, which we need more than ever.

So, today, I want us to become aware of our mainly passive mentality, which leads us to look at politics like a football match. And, in the same way, to judge those who take action, like one looked at the time of the ancient Rome of the gladiators in the arena.

And you have to know that since I started this movement, I have seen in front of me the limitation of the heroes. To me, it is clear it lies in having too many passive followers.

A real pity, because we could be in a totally different place if most of you had reached out to me. We would have had amazing conversations, I could even have helped you in your own journey. In fact, this is what I am doing with those that reach out to me.

Do not misinterpret me though, I am full of joy that more than 10,000 people (I have just received the notification!) have read my nearly 100 articles shared in the past 3 months.

And I received amazing messages of support, but you have to know that “active readers” represent such a huge minority, and I can only regret this fact.

And so, in front of me I have seen mostly:

  • Noiselessly beings, who eye me a little from afar, without a word of encouragement, without any desire to help me grow on my journey, which I remind you is collective. Those who would see in me a selfish career woman cannot be more wrong. In my life, I had many opportunities to climb the ladder, and I refused. My vision for our society is all that counts to me (as long as I can still pay for my bills, as said yesterday…)
  • Those who are waiting for me to succeed and then all of a sudden when I do, will remind me of how friendly we are. Me who had to do this whole journey alone so far and without any funding.
  • Masked beings who have no other will than to break me with all, their vulgarity. And, basically the violence that they hide so badly from themselves. Ok so far, I just had one bad reaction, but imagine if I become more visible? For me this negativity is just the expression of a huge frustration of not being able to contribute more. And this could be resolved by launching a coordinated “army of the good”, “a wave of humanity” online. Step by step…
  • Finally, lurkers that did not stick. Of course, my blog is work-in-progress, and the diva in me can accept that you do not find what you are looking for. Of course! But I would love to understand what I could do to improve. Maybe some of you can tell me?

In any case, I can tell you being in the place of the gladiator, is pretty uncomfortable. Hence I am not sure I can achieve my vision without a culture of distributed leadership anyway.

But note that my intention is of course to pursue my call, with a cool head and a heart of gold surrounded by stone.

To me, it is the only one that matters, because I firmly believe in it.

And more than ever, I will take some height. And, turn a blind eye if possible to criticism that is too easy and very often anonymous when my own commitment is made in complete transparency and with my heart on the table.

But, I feel there is a way you can help, and that is the call I am launching to you, my dear readers.

It would be to offer me your support via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, for instance. Because even if you don’t have the time or the expertise, your mark of support will be an incredibly valuable gift to me.

The limitation of the hero, or rather of the (wo)man of action (because heroes do not exist in real life), is her deep loneliness, which makes her fragile in the face of manipulators and other perverts.

By developing our empathy towards him or her, we deploy our collective forces more than we can imagine.

Above all as a human being, we make a gesture of incomparable generosity and which will be returned to us one day.

It always works like that. The more we give, the more we receive.

This world does not need me as a leader, I am already one.

It needs your leadership. It needs you to stand up and speak out. Contribute and collaborate wherever you can.

And to me this is also the key to the Ukrainian crisis. Do not wear a flag. ACT, reach out to influencers, multipliers, friends… It’s time to grow a leaderful #Russia, master of her own destiny.

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