Back in my dear EU Commission

17 years of passion for this House, that counts!

And I am back today after 2 months off, during which I prepared a lot of material, clarified my thoughts, as well as tried to develop new competencies, notably through this blog.

My next challenges in the coming weeks will be:

  • Launch of a whole online training path for all staff of the EU Institutions entitled “Becoming a Natural Leader” around six learning objectives. The purpose is to unveil our natural leadership and strengthen it for a more innovative, sustainable and agile Europe, with great energy and improved relationships.
  • Design of a new series of Together-Ensemble sessions. The first one in March will be focused on ‘Towards an EU Institutional doughnut’. A disruptive project to evaluate the relevance of the doughnut concept to public administrations. And many more surprises foreseen to make the most of our vehicle to improve collaborations at all levels and in every policy area.
  • Preparation of articles for Together-Ensemble – Medium, to start promoting our model everywhere, in particular the outcomes of our 50 sessions so far with more than 100 experts and 5,000 staff from the EU institutions.

And I will continue to lobby for my “dream” of course. I hope that one day I will get the conditions to give birth to it 🙂

The support of my dear readers will be key to this end. So I hope you will continue to follow my journey! Our conversations will be so precious to me to continue to have the energy for the change we need more than ever.

From the heart of Europe,

Your devoted Julie.

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4 responses to “Back in my dear EU Commission”

    • Thank you Nisar, I am very happy to organise a session about the war between Russia and Ukraine. This will allow us to see the conditions for a powerful human-centered approach in the management of crises. Powerful lessons which I will be sharing with my dear readers of course !

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  1. Thanks. Is there any Chance in the Distant Future that All the Countries of the World demilitarize and All HUMANITY on this Globe live in Peace as Brothers/ Sisters.


    • Nisar,You give me the idea of another article in which I will explain that we will never have everyone on board, but I have the feeling that we could well convert a few that our utopia is actually more realistic than we think it is… It’s all about addressing our limitations and beliefs. And make peace with who we are. Not really dolphins but not so bad either.. Especially when we realise that we are the only species able to save this planet. So what are the conditions we need to heal this world from now on?

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