Together-Ensemble #2022 has begun

We promised you that we would increase a lot the ambition of this new edition, and I can tell you : you won’t be disappointed!

Obhi and I have millions of ideas for the coming weeks, and I wanted to quickly unveil the programme of our upcoming sessions.

  • 10 and 17 March on “Towards an EU Institutional doughnut” with a focus on How can the European Commission respect the wellbeing of all people? – How can the European Commission promote opportunity and solidarity through cultural connections?’. We have different guests but I can cite for instance Kate Raworth, whose TED talk you must absolutely watch, Rune Meyer, leadership expert and founder of the Circular Economy Club and Mohua Mukherjee, Senior Research Fellow at the Oxford Institute of Energy Studies.
  • 14 and 24 March on the “Invasion of Ukraine and the recent crises” with Katarína Mathernová, Deputy Director-General at European Commission, Head of the Support Group for Ukraine, and Boris Iarochevitch, Senior Advisor at the External Action Service. The follow-up session “Staying human-centric in times of crisis” will benefit from the expertise of Paul Raymond Gilbert OBE, founder of compassion focused therapy (CFT), compassionate mind training (CMT) and author of books such as The Compassionate Mind, Harold Jarche, collaboration expert, and Doreen Grove from Open Government Partnership as well as Sandra Cavallo, European Commission’s middle manager in charge of #EuropeDirect, former member of the EC’s Brexit task force headed by M. Barnier. She has also worked for the United Nations Development Programme in Ukraine and Moldova.

I will share the outcomes of all these sessions in Medium, where I am currently sharing the outcomes of all previous sessions of Together-Ensemble organised in 2020 and 2021. I therefore invite you to follow me there too, if you want a complementary perspective on my work to accelerate the transformation of the EU institutions.

Together-Ensemble is the powerful collaboration vehicle designed by the European Commission. So far more than 50 sessions have been organised on topics such as Mobility, Sustainable Economics, Respect, etc. with more than 100 experts from around the globe and 5,000 participants mainly from the EU Institutions. Our purpose is to open these discussions with citizens from everywhere.

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