The path and the voice

One of the main characteristics of our post-industrial era has been to try to simplify everything. And we see today the results…

Yet, I will not continue the oversimplification trend in reaction, by feeding what I think is one of the many pitfalls to avoid.

This would be comparable to speaking to “all”, thus being listened to by “no one”. Or letting a few people decide for the future of all humankind. Sincerely, I hope most of you start to get it. It’s time for a new era and for new competencies for the complex problems we face.

And today I want to share a reflection coming from years of research and a long journey, which has brought me many insights. The quest to my authentic voice. Another major condition for a reliable leadership for our times. One that would NOT need to fix problems with hubris and pain.

Seeking our authentic voice is really to seek our own singular path. But as all best things in life, it does not mean, it’s easy to do in practice:

  • It requires to be comfortable with our weaknesses, limitations and to really confront our lacks. It puts into a very humble mindset and leads us to courage. To meet our authentic voice, one has to dig deep in herself. As a consequence, it can hurt, and put us in agony (which you now know is key prior to transformation).
  • It is a quest for truth, a quest for self-love, which ends in a quest for universal love. And who said the quest for truth was an easy one in this world full of illusions?
  • It requires some craziness in our times, as the judging and blaming mindsets are widespread.
  • It develops a whole set of compassionate skills, that is another way to upgrade our brains systems. It is progressive and includes a number of mistakes.

But once we find it…

  • It brings us security and comfort at all times. It heals us, boosts our resilience, it’s our cap, our bar to hold on to. In fine a true refuge, to avoid being drawn into negative emotions. It puts us in the right safe system, which leads to curiosity and innovation.
  • It makes it easier to find our own path, as we can feel aligned in all circumstances. We do not need to be co-dependent to anything or anyone.
  • It’s a great tactic to raise our energy levels in difficult times in our lives.
  • Finally, it is the ultimate channel of expression of our love for the world and others. And, as transformation is brought by the ear, it is the most powerful way to transform our civilisation into an exceptional one.

Today is Sunday and I encourage you to seek your authentic voice. Because, once you find it, not only will you sing beautifully like a bird, but you will spread happiness inside and out.

But from my experience, it’s impossible to finding it without the help of a professional musician, because despite my best efforts, I could not find it on my own until last Friday.

Again a proof that there is very little we can achieve well alone (especially without the right experts on board).

Today, you know what you have to do: to sing to develop your right path for the coming months and years.

As for me, this article offers a great way to prepare for the “Ukraine War” session at the European Commission tomorrow. What do we need to face this crisis? What skills and mindsets do we need from our leaders?

Ultimately, why this other crisis reveals most of our limitations in my humble opinion.

And as usual, I invite my dear followers to read powerfully between the lines.

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