This is not an utopia

The vision of an exceptional civilisation is not an utopia. Most conditions are there.

What are we missing?

  • Global collaboration as the default practice. For each crisis to come, we must bring together all those who are ready to collaborate, both from the centre and the periphery. Because if we do not start with collaboration, according to research, we know it’s next to impossible to realign the expectations and other conflicting interests afterwards. And we need not to be afraid of this practice. It can be done in a powerful and simple way (with light and effective collaboration tools). Plus, we only have to focus on the initiatives that call for collaboration (not all of them do! This is why I shared the recommended list in a previous article).
  • Accessibility of knowledge and experience. While we have understood that we must be careful and not be complacent about our values, it is essential to provide access to a knowledge base accessible to all citizens wishing to act.
  • Empowerment as a motto. The next crucial project will be to empower communities and individuals to take joint creative action with “caring” thinkers from government institutions. Decentralisation must become the other norm.
  • Leadership skills everywhere! From an early age, we must teach the skills of co-leadership, to form natural leaders who will want to join the new era, and seize all their power for a better world, and great gifts to the next generations.
  • Coordination of all change initiatives, to amplify individual powers, enable serendipity and accelerate the essential agendas for better adaptation to the Anthropocene era. This is the wave of humanity, which shows us everyday that it has already started redefining everything.

The essence of our civilisation is the exceptional civilisation in-becoming.

Once we have this conviction that we can build with the future in mind with our current collective decisions and actions, it will be easy to change our mindsets and behaviours to embrace the truly collaborative culture. Hence, we already have conceived very powerful vehicles, to support the new agenda. For instance, Together Ensemble.

We have all the knowledge and expertise for this.

Time for a global movement. So, tell me, who would like to sponsor it?

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