Why change anything.

Yesterday as a good fan of political debates, I spent the whole evening listening to the candidates to the next political elections in France.

Do I really have to comment?!

Let me just say that there is nothing new under the sun. Same old, same old.

Innovation in Europe won’t be for tomorrow.

Actually, instead, we will continue to miss every opportunity to do better.

For instance, with the resolution of the Ukrainian conflict.

And so, as I understood…. And it would be a bit silly not to appreciate the course of action…

We will continue with the same mindset that created the problems we face everywhere today.

Perhaps, I’d better stay mute, and continue as if nothing wrong was going on.

No, really all is well. Successes everywhere.

As we are told.

PS: And yesterday, a wise man from Ghana suggested me to live my life, so I will do like most of us, I won’t care.

Maybe, I just need to feel confident that the only alternative won’t be found in more hatred and less humanity.

Well, we can dream. We are in chaotic times.

And as I will be finally living my life, focusing on my individual needs, tell me:

Will you too hear, the tick tock of the clock?

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

I am very provocative sometimes I know… But at least this other provocation won’t ruin our lives.

Of course, today again I will care! Did you really think I would change overnight?

And, in the European Commission, I will push for a doughnut economy model in the public administrations, and reflect upon a new innovative strategy for the mid-term and long-term relationship between Europe and Russia. Stay tuned.

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